Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet

The Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet solves the problem of operating a solenoid valve when a system is without power. The magnet is the same shape and size of a large cotton reel and, when placed onto a solenoid valve (with the coil removed), it causes the armature to open or close.

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Group of customised Solenoid Operating Valve Magnets


The magnet can be used to operate valves in a plant or system which has yet to be wired-up or has been decommissioned. It eliminates the need to wire up the system or worry about the correct voltage. It can also be used when recovering refrigerant from a plant which has already been decommissioned and power removed. In emergencies, such as the failure of a Solenoid Valve coil, it can also be used to keep a system operating while a replacement coil is found.

Key Features

A service engineer received a call from a milk processing plant saying that the plant was warming-up. He found that the solenoid coil had burned out and by using the Fridgenius Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet, he was able to run it permanently – setting it to cut-out under pressure. This saved 14,000 litres of milk!
Refrigeration Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

The Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet is available in 4 sizes 10mm, 15mm, 18mm and 20mm.

Ideal tool for the service and maintenance engineer who requires a solenoid valve to be operated manually during an installation, commissioning, decommissioning or when power is not available.

The FRIDGENIUS Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet can be used to service, test, diagnose or manually operate and control a direct connected or pilot operated system.